Break O break open

And I am thinking of the youngest generation, left to fend for themselves as the world’s leaders, those that decide the fate of nations, grab them by the pussy and 10% goes to the Big Guy. Nothing can be done about this. There is nothing new under the sun, except that, increasingly, nothing the government and mainstream media advise with such evangelical zeal makes sense.

The 5th richest man in the world brags that his investment to capture universities and governments has yielded a 20-fold return, then instructs us minions that we will only be allowed to go back to normal after all of the world’s population has taken an experimental injection. Translation:

“As long as 0.5% of the world’s population are at risk of dying from this disease, your children may only play out in the sun again, can only attend school again, can only work again, when all the world’s governments have purchased my product which does not prevent transmission of the virus but may keep you from getting sick or dying as long as you take booster shots every six weeks, purchased by your government, from my proxies. And this is science”.

We are all sleepwalking. Doctors and journalists lead the way…

Unless, governor, inspector, visitor,

This map becomes their window and these windows

That shut upon their lives like catacombs,

Break O break open till they break the town

and show the children to green fields, and make their world

Run azure on gold sands, and let their tongues

Run naked into books the white and green leaves open

History theirs whose language is the sun.

Stephen Spender

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