Misinformation about Misinformation

I recently became aware of New Zealand group Voices for Freedom, a well-organized and astute group of lawyers and volunteers advocating against the creeping authoritarianism in New Zealand.

The first thing I did after becoming aware of the group was to determine for myself whether they were legitimate, truthful and lawful. Voices for Freedom is, in my opinion, the real thing. They are well-informed, they do not advocate violence or any form of lawlessness, they are not “anti-vax”. They are simply a group of intelligent, well-informed people acting out at what they see as injustice.

But this post is not about Voices for Freedom. It is about the disturbing misinformation that is being spread by the government sponsored media. In doing a bit of research on Voices for Freedom, I was specifically struck by an article in Newshub that purported to “debunk every claim” made by Voices for Freedom.

A cursory read showed me that this was yet again a slap-dash effort to defame anyone that disagrees with the mainstream-govermnent-Covid-Vaccine narrative. For me, the worst part of the Newshub article’s debunking efforts were those that focused on the following two claims made by Voices for Freedom:

Claim #3: The Vaccine has not been shown to stop you catching SARS-CoV-2 or passing it on to others

The statement above is quoted directly from the Newshub article. Take note of this, because this is what is supposedly being debunked. In an attempt to debunk this claim, Newshub quotes a disease modelling expert, who stated: “There’s actually quite a lot of data now showing they do, and they’re actually really effective.” (my emphasis)

Just pause for a minute and contrast those two statements. Voices for Freedom says:

“the vaccine has not been shown to stop you catching SARS-CoV-2 or passing it to others.”

The Newshub expert modeller says:

“there’s actually quite a lot of data now showing they do”.

By contrasting these two statements, you should see that what the Newshub expert is saying in the phrase “they do” is that (1) the vaccines have been shown to stop you catching Covid-19 and (2) passing it on to others. He is not saying “they might” or that “they do to some extent”. He is saying “they do”.

Putting aside for a minute the fact that I am writing this on 29 August 2021 and the Newshub article is from 29 April, let’s fact check the fact-checker on that statement using just the tip of the iceberg of data that we now have.

In early August 2021, the CDC Director said in an interview with CNN:

“Fully vaccinated people who get a COVID-19 “breakthrough” infection can spread the virus to others even if they are not symptomatic,”

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky in CNN Interview

The CDC Director went on to say:

“But what [the vaccines] can’t do anymore is prevent transmission,” 

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky in CNN Interview

In another article, the director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, is quoted to have said in early August that while vaccines might slow the process of transmission down, they cannot current stop the spread completely. He went on to say that we may see in future “a variant which is perhaps even better at transmitting in vaccinated populations”.

Who needs to be debunked? Newshub solicited an expert modeler to debunk a claim. He then went on himself to make a statement that has been shown to be irrefutable false a mere four months later, while the statement made by Voices for Freedom remains more generally true. I doubt that Newshub will, in their quest for independent journalistic excellence, issue a correction…

The second claim made by Voices for Freedom, and claimed to be debunked in the Newshub article, is this one:

Claim #4: “The only reason given to take the vaccine is that it might reduce symptoms.”

Newshub’s entire opus for debunking this statement, consistst of the following:

“‘Taking the vaccine protects not only you but also those around you and the general community,’ said Dr Petousis-Harris. ‘Claiming that the only reason to take it is that it might reduce symptoms is super misleading.'” (my emphasis).

There are no links to any studies or interviews to support this statement. Newshub seems to believe that the public will simply be won over by Dr Petousis-Harris’s scientifically sounding declaration that the Voices for Freedom claim is “super misleading”.

Dr Petousis-Harris’s statement is strange given that it is well established medical knowledge that the main reason that people take vaccines is to prevent themselves from getting sick. As stated by the director of infectious diseases and immunology at Menzies Health, Professor Nigel McMillan: “The goal of vaccination is, first and foremost, to stop people getting sick,”

In other words, people get vaccinated mainly to ensure that they – the ones getting the vaccine – do not get sick. McMillan goes on to state that sometimes vaccines may prevent people from getting infected in the first place and in that way prevent them from passing the virus to others. But, Prof McMillan says, “That’s a very high bar for vaccines, and not all vaccines do that,”

It is by now clear that the experimental mRNA injections do not prevent people from passing the virus to others. This is evidenced by the CDC director statements above, and by multiple mass-breakthrough infections recorded in Israel, the USA and in other countries.

So I would say, on balance, there is more misleading taking place in Dr Petousis-Harris’ statement that the vaccines “protects not only you but also those around you and the general community”. I mean – the “general community” – how does that even make sense?

I mentioned earlier the fact that Newshub’s advisors were acting on the evidence they had at the time (April), whereas I am writing with the benefit of hindsight and additional data. But there is now a clear trajectory in the vaccine vs Covid-19 data and mainstream news outlets such as Newshub (who receive funding from the NZ government) do not seem to recognize this at all.

Just reflect on this – a grassroots, community funded volunteer organization such as Voices for Freedom made statements in April 2021 that have stood the test of time. By contrast, a well-funded, government sponsored media outlet such as Newshub solicited the opinion of experts who then made counter statements that have subsequently proven not to be true.

You have to investigate for yourself – your health depends on it .

Do you really trust government and Big Pharma to put your best long term health interest above political gain and profits?

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