Zero-Covid: another Vietnam war?

There is now mounting evidence that vaccines are not the solution to the Covid-19 reality. For me, it is not so much the statistics that matter, but the direction in which the evidence is sliding, and the fact that the New Zealand and Australia governments appear to be ignoring the emerging picture. A mere nine months ago, the mantra “safe and effective” was backed up with overwhelming evidence claiming efficacy over 90%.

As I discussed in an earlier post, the misleading and biased reporting of vaccine effectiveness was a red flag to me. Put simply, it confirmed that the situation was infected with dishonest actors. Add to this the fact that as early as February, some isolated but well respected researchers raised concerns in the British Medical Journal and suggested the effectiveness may be below 30%.

The initial “if it sounds too good to be true” suspicions that I had have largely been validated. We now know with a high degree of certainty that, the mRNA treatments:

While I believe that in the short to medium term high risk individuals may benefit from taking the mRNA treatment, I think for healthy people under 60 years it is another story.

I suspect a good lawyer may be able to build a solid case on the fact that, by mandating vaccines, governments and employers are depriving healthy, low risk cohorts from getting exposure and building up a longer lasting, broad based natural immunity.

For example, a recent study from Israel, which was summarized in this Unherd post, showed that the likelihood of symptomatic infection among double vaccinated (Pfizer) individuals was 27 times higher than for previously infected persons (i.e., those with natural immunity).

It only takes a little bit of nuanced thinking and history-aware intuition to sense a pattern in this data. It tells me that vaccinating everyone is not going to solve the Covid-19 crisis. And yet, political parties across the spectrum in New Zealand have only one mantra: “vaccines, vaccines, vaccines”. It is predominantly a single solution approach to a problem which has already showed it will not be taken for a dance.

Once again, history has presented us humans with a complex problem to which those with the vision of the anointed adopted a simple, quick and technologically-based solution. I cannot help but draw parallels with the slow drowning of the United States in the swamps of Vietnam and Afghanistan.

In her book The March of Folly, Barbara Tuchman describes the phenomenon in which a government persists in sticking – in the face of contradictory evidence – with an approach that clearly does not work. And yet, the response was to double down and try more of the same.

As early as 1946, almost two decades before the USA became deeply embedded in Vietnam, the French General Leclerc surveyed the situation on the ground and predicted if the French persisted in their repressive policies, un-winnable guerilla warfare would follow. Tuchman writes:

The French commander assigned to carry out the reconquest himself saw, or felt, the truth. After his first survey of the situation, General Leclerc said to his political adviser, ‘It would take 500,000 men to do it and even then it could not be done’. In one sentence he laid out the future, and his estimate would still be valid when 500,000 American solders were actually in the field two decades later.

Barbara Tuchman, The March of Folly (pp 244)

I sense a strong parallel between the Vietnam quagmire in which the USA become embroiled and the Zero-Covid-19 policies of Australia and New Zealand. The USA brought to bear on the “Vietnam problem” overwhelming technological advantage, wielded by a team known as the best and the brightest – highly intelligent people who implemented “brilliant policies that defied common sense”.

The evidence is there, but the government persisted in a policy which was clearly not in its own best long term interests. Tuchman defines this phenomenon as “governmental folly” and what she writes about America’s actions in Vietnam can be applied verbatim to the Zero-Covid policies and single-minded reliance on vaccines as the only way out. Tuchman writes about Vietnam:

At no time were policy-makers unaware of the hazards, obstacles and negative developments…The folly consisted not in pursuit of a goal in ignorance of obstacles but in persistence in the pursuit despite accumulating evidence that the goal was unattainable

Barbara Tuchman, The March of Folly (pp 234)

But yet, who knows what the future will hold. Perhaps the broader population will simply roll up their sleeves – initially once every six months, then once every 30 days.

I have stopped being amazed at how much trust the population puts in leaders, such as those in the UK, who stated eleven times that vaccine passports were not under consideration, and then promptly changed their own rules. This same government, by most standards, has failed to achieve the stated goal of saving the medical system.

Phillippe Lemoine put it well in a tweet today:

It you are feeling bewildered by the way rational thinking and true evidence based governance has been turned on its head since March 2020, you will find support and encouragement at these organizations:

Voices for Freedom (an organization that is well-organized, informed and doing grass-roots work)

NZ Doctors SOS (a group of brave doctors questioning Vaccine safety and the lack of informed consent)

Covid Plan B (a group of academics providing a rational alternative to the Zero-Covid fantasy)

All of these organizations are run by volunteers. Please consider donating!

You can also find real news and information at UKColumn News Site – see especially the Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium hosted on UK Column. It was Session 2 of this Symposium that made me realise we are perhaps now in a battle for the essence of what it means to be a free human.

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