A Simplicity to Trust

The philosopher A.N. Whitehead famously said “the only simplicity to be trusted is the simplicity to be found on the far side of complexity”. I have often wondered about the type of simplicity that lies at the far side of complexity. Over about 30 years of working as an engineer, researcher, data analyst and software developer, I have used Whitehead’s statement to formulate for myself this sort of curve:

In this figure, I have labelled the vertical axis “complexity of approach”, but I could have called it many other things, such as “complexity of thinking” or “trust in complexity”. I have worked through this curve so many times when faced with complex problems that I have recognized in myself certain waypoints, as shown in the figure below.

A curious thing I have noted is that people of a certain disposition seem unable to fully work their way through this curve. They get stuck at Stages 3 or 4 and are either unable to, or refuse to, move on.

In an earlier post I explained why I am hesitant to take the mRNA vaccine. In that post, I wrote that

The foundation for the Covid-19 crisis is this: Old people, and people who have seriously underlying health conditions, and those who are morbidly obese are prone to die when a new respiratory virus emerges.

And THIS is the problem that the Trifecta [Big Government, Big Pharma and Big Tech] wants to “solve” at warp speed.

Over the past year I tracked the thinking of governments expressed in their mainstream media through the stages depicted above. I naturally assumed, that once the reality sets in that no hastily developed vaccine will be a silver bullet to this problem, a more sane approach would start to be adopted.

I naturally assumed that once the Trifecta of Big Government, Big Pharma and Big Tech realized that their silver bullet is actually only one element of the solution, that sanity will set in as we move through stages 4, 5 and 6 of the complexity vs experience graph.

For example, I thought that, learning from the example of Sweden, a scientific approach would recognize that lockdowns are extremely harmful and costly and offer no real long term advantage over the more moderate approaches that Sweden adopted.

I also thought that most modern governments would seek to reduce the risk of failure by adopting a multi-pronged approach. Being science-based, such an approach would include:

1. Proven early treatments

2. Vaccines for those that choose to take them

3. An extensive public education campaign to inform the public about risk factors that can be managed though lifestyle changes

4. Focused protection of those that are vulnerable, such as the elderly or those with co-morbidities, as advocated in the Great Barrington Declaration (now signed by more than 850,000)

Sadly, even with overwhelming evidence emerging that vaccines cannot fully prevent spreading of Covid-19, nor can it fully protect you from falling seriously ill or dying, the Australia and New Zealand governments seem completely stuck on Stage 3 of the complexity-experience curve.

There are no signs of them letting up on a single-solution approach. And this is the case across the political spectrum. The only difference amongst political parties in New Zealand and Australia seems to be the level of punishment and vaccine-coercion they want to impose on their populations.

They seem to think that votes are directly proportional to the level punishment and coercion they promise to dish out. And the mainstream media is only cheerleading them on.

With such a staunch insistence on ignoring reality – and, frankly, science – and sticking to a solution formulated almost a year ago, who can blame those of us that have built up such a level of distrust that we will mistrust and resist ANY solution being promoted by the Trifecta?

If you are feeling bewildered by the way rational thinking and true evidence based governance has been turned on its head since March 2020, you will find support and encouragement at these organizations:

Voices for Freedom (an organization that is well-organized, informed and doing grass-roots work)

NZ Doctors SOS (a group of brave doctors questioning Vaccine safety and the lack of informed consent)

Covid Plan B (a group of academics providing a rational alternative to the Zero-Covid fantasy)

To my knowledge, all of these organizations are run by volunteers. Please consider donating! Your children’s future depend on it!

You can also find real news and information at UKColumn News Site – see especially the Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium hosted on UK Column. It was Session 2 of this Symposium that made me realise we are perhaps now in a battle for the essence of what is means to be a free human.

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