Let’s get Vaccinated!

In one of my earlier posts, I spoke about the way that governments are suppressing dissenting voices and alternative treatments for Covid-19 mRNA gene therapies. Briefly, the aggressive suppression of well-qualified dissenting voices, such as this group, this group and this group, only increases my hesitancy and skepticism.

However, I have to say if there ever was a way to convince me to consider the mRNA injection, it would probably be be through a dialogue with someone like Buzz Hollander, who wrote an excellent, balanced pro-Vaccine article in Real Clear Science.

To be clear, the article is unequivocally pro-Covid-19 vaccine. However, it argues for honesty about the shortcomings of these treatments. Specifically, Hollander says it is time to get be honest about the following facts, which he presents clearly and with supporting evidence. He says, we should:

  • Stop pretending the vaccines are 90% effective and that breakthrough cases are “uncommon”
  • Stop pretending that vaccinated people are far less likely to spread SARS-Cov-2
  • Stop pretending it is rare for vaccinated people to develop severe Covid-19 or die
  • Stop pretending that prior infection should not influence the decision to vaccinate
  • Stop pretending that a third booster shot is definitely going to help
  • Stop pretending that the vaccines are “kill-shots”, cause sterility etc.
  • Stop pretending that the vaccines are the only way to address the Covid-19 crisis

Hollander concludes his article with this:

The inconvenient truth is that neither natural immunity nor vaccines are likely to protect well enough, long enough, to shift this disease from pandemic to endemic and have it look the way most of us would prefer: partying like it’s 2019, and free of worry about hospital capacity. That, unfortunately, is probably a fantasy in the immediate future. So, too, is the idea that if we could only convince a few more stubborn vaccine hold-outs to get one set of shots that this will all be over and New Zealand can open its borders.

Buzz Hollander, in Real Clear Politics

I will continue to remain hesitant to take the vaccines, and and will continue to do so until my government and their paid media outlets starts acting with honesty and integrity with respect to the things that Hollander mentions.

Until then, I will do what any rational, informed person would do, and that is to (a) act with extreme caution when (b) being coerced to take a new medical treatment, for which (c) there is no long term safety record beyond one year, offered to my by a faction that is (d) actively suppressing harmless, potentially useful alternatives and (e) suppressing well qualified but dissenting alternative views.

In the above paragraph, I mentioned five facts numbered (a) to (e). If you want to convince to convince me to take the mRNA injection and subscribe to a never-ending cycle of booster shots, then a starting point would be to prove I am mistaken in all or most of those five facts.

Let’s start our conversation there and once you have proven that I am mistaken in those facts, let us then, and only then, move on to the biological nuances of B-cells and T-cell immunity, and why we can implement a widespread health measure despite the lack of evidence in favor of booster shots.

If you are feeling bewildered by the way rational thinking and true evidence based governance has been turned on its head since March 2020, you will find support and encouragement at these organizations:

Voices for Freedom (an organization that is well-organized, informed and doing grass-roots work)

NZ Doctors SOS (a group of brave doctors questioning Vaccine safety and the lack of informed consent)

Covid Plan B (a group of academics providing a rational alternative to the Zero-Covid fantasy)

To my knowledge, all of these organizations are run by volunteers. Please consider donating! Your children’s future depend on it!

You can also fiund real news and information at UKColumn News Site – see especially the Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium hosted on UK Column. It was Session 2 of this Symposium that made me realise we are perhaps now in a battle for the essence of what is means to be a free human.

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