Spirit of Australia

I normally try to post only once or twice per week. It seems a bit pointless anyhow.

But I am one of those who simply wish to be given more time to gather evidence and make our own informed risk based health decisions rather than accept a future in which our health will be at the mercy of weekly pharmaceutical interventions.

We will, in fact, become the cows that Big Pharma and their government representatives milk. That, in a nutshell, is where we are headed. Regardless of what you believe about the efficacy and safety of the Covid-19 injections, it would be hard to deny that we are headed down a path that will make Big Pharma and their billionaire shareholders like Bill Gates very, very rich.

I believe there are many more people like me. I now wake up anxious and afraid at 2am every night. I dread the future. I hate myself for not having more courage. I am unsure of whether I am right or not, but I know I have a right to doubt and ask for more evidence and information – and then act when that evidence and information shows the government is cutting corners with my long term health.

I stress – long term health – because that is what I am concerned about. The risk of cancers appearing in vaccinated individuals eight years from now? “Zero chance of that” – how can that possibly be known?

I was so inspired by this Australian Pilot. Just 1% of people acting with his courage will convince another 2% that what is happening in Australia and New Zealand is wrong, and it is heading our civilization down a technocratically controlled path in which our rights as individual, biological entities mean nothing unless we agree to be coerced into the Great Reset vision for humanity.

My plea to you is to please take 20 minutes to watch this inspiring video of a veteran Quantas pilot putting everything on the line. It is people like this who will turn the tide.

Our problem is that we feel alone and a little crazy. We need to understand that we are NOT alone and hold the line of resistance. A monocultural view on healthcare, lead by Big Pharma will be disastrous to our children’s futures.

There are large groups of scientists, doctors and normal people who have retained critical thinking skills who question what is happening. We can and should take legal and non-violent action to show our concern and disagreement. If you are feeling alone and outnumbered, please take a look at the work of these groups:

  • Covid Medical Network – a group of senior medical doctors and health professionals concerned¬†about lockdowns and the lack of safety research on the Covid-19 injections
  • NZ Doctors SOS – a group of New Zealand doctors concerned about the lack of adequate safety research on the Covid-19 injections
  • Doctors for Covid Ethics – a group of distinguished doctors and scientists from 30 countries, seeking to uphold medical ethics, patient safety and human rights in response to COVID-19
  • UKColumn – an independent news site with news about Covid-19 responses and injections. If you are on this site, watch especially the Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium Videos, especially Session 2it was this session that caused my mind to grasp what is really happening.
  • Voices for Freedom NZ – a gutsy grass roots group that is well organized and active. They are being actively targeted by the government sponsored main stream media and branded as “anti-vax” which they are not – they are simply against the coercion to take an experimental gene therapy and against the increasing grip of a totalitarian government.

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