The Respite

For those people in New Zealand and Australia who have retained critical thinking skills and believe they have a right to do their own research to assess the health risks for themselves, and then make a decision on whether they want to take an experimental new medical treatment for which the potential long term risks are by definition unknown – I believe that a harder time is coming.

In a different age, the German poet Ingeborg Bachmann knew and wrote about this:

A harder time is coming.

The end of the respite allowed us

appears on the skyline.

Soon you must tie your shoe-lace

and drive the dogs back to the marshland farms.

For the fishes’ entrails

have grown cold in the wind.

Poorly the light of the lupins burns.

Your gaze gropes in summer fog:

the end of the respite allowed us

appears on the skyline.

Ingeborg Bachmann: The Respite (first verse) translated by Marcel. L. Mendelson

The more I think about the official response to the Covid-19 crisis, the more I become convinced that this is not about a pandemic, but about bringing about a new world that have been envisioned by elite political thinkers and billionaire technocrats. It is no conspiracy theory – it is right there in the open.

It is a clash of ideologies, a clash of two visions of life and what it means to be human – what our relationship the nature is. And we are being forced to adopt a vision that may not be our own. Our choice in the matter is seen as a privilege. A freedom that needs to be taken away to “keep everyone safe”.

Thomas Sowell described it as a clash of visions: the vision of the technocrats (the “Anointed”) who believe in unlimited progress; and that the rational tool of science in the hands of irrational leaders will suddenly, in the space of a decade, solve problems that have been in the fabric of life on earth for millennia.

And against this vision there is the reserved, constrained vision of those, like me, who believe some progress is possible but that it will always be limited by natural constraints; that whenever we act on a global scale we should proceed with the utmost of caution and humility.

And this is the war of ideas that we are entering into now. It would have made an interesting intellectual debate over the decades. Except that now, the Anointed technocrats have decided that they alone know what is best for everyone.

I believe that, once the cheques they are writing start bouncing they will be faced with millions of desperate people with nothing left to lose. And eventually, real journalism will return. And then the truth will come out, and a reckoning will come to them.

But before that happens, the NZ and Australia governments will persist in a policy that is clearly not working. And we, the unwashed unvaccinated, will be blamed for any new deaths, whether from the vaccines or from a new strain against which the vaccine has no effect.

And we will have to face being ostracized and seen as simpletons who dwell in the simplicity on the near side of complexity. Time will tell. It will be a hard time. A harder time is coming.

Our problem is that we feel alone and a little crazy. We need to understand that we are NOT alone and hold the line of resistance. A monocultural view on healthcare, lead by Big Pharma will be disastrous to our children’s futures.

If you are just starting to suspect something is off in your governments response to Covid-19, and in their insistence on getting everyone, including children and pregnant women, vaccinated even though it is clearly not a way out of Covid-19, then I urge you to spend a Sunday morning watching this excellent symposium featuring expert scientists, doctors and actuaries. It is not Alex Jones’ type conspiracy talk – just well researched and expertly presented real information. And your mind will open.

Carefully gather your information. Put the pieces together. Take a stand for what you believe in.

…Do not look round.

Tie your shoe-lace.

Drive back the dogs.

Throw the fishes into the sea.

Put out the lupins!

A harder time is coming.

Ingeborg Bachmann: The Respite (third verse) translated by Marcel. L. Mendelson

There are large groups of scientists, doctors and normal people who have retained critical thinking skills who question what is happening. We can and should take legal and non-violent action to show our concern and disagreement. If you are feeling alone and outnumbered, please take a look at the work of these groups:

  • Covid Medical Network – a group of senior medical doctors and health professionals concerned about lockdowns and the lack of safety research on the Covid-19 injections
  • NZ Doctors SOS – a group of New Zealand doctors concerned about the lack of adequate safety research on the Covid-19 injections
  • Doctors for Covid Ethics – a group of distinguished doctors and scientists from 30 countries, seeking to uphold medical ethics, patient safety and human rights in response to COVID-19
  • UKColumn – an independent news site with news about Covid-19 responses and injections. If you are on this site, watch especially the Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium Videos, especially Session 2it was this session that caused my mind to grasp what is really happening.
  • Voices for Freedom NZ – a gutsy grass roots group that is well organized and active. They are being actively targeted by the government sponsored main stream media and branded as “anti-vax” which they are not – they are simply against the coercion to take an experimental gene therapy and against the increasing grip of a totalitarian government.

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