The Healthcare Boat

The healthcare system is like a rescue boat moving in a dark sea picking up sick people about to drown. But it has stopped dead still at the Covid-19 station. Why? Because that is where the light is. The question you should be asking yourself is this – who is holding and manipulating the light?

A few weeks ago, I was debating the pros and cons of lockdowns and increasingly totalitarian government control with someone who visited our house. It struck me that she was a kind and creative person, but one firmly in the grip of the ideology perpetuated by the the government sponsored media.

She extolled the virtues of lockdowns and praised the New Zealand government – comparing New Zealand’s low Covid-19 death rate to the death rates in the UK and Sweden. I tried to point out the discrepancy between the relatively low infection mortality rate of Covid-19, and the extreme changes in government control and the loss of liberties previously taken for granted, that we have suffered.

I also pointed out that countries such as Sweden, that experienced almost none of those losses of liberties, have had less excess mortality than other countries that threw away the rule book on how to handle pandemics, and with it, they also threw away their constitutions and democratic culture.

My view on this was informed by data shown below, indicating that Sweden’s excess mortality is now significantly lower than that of the UK, and was so for most of the pandemic since March 2020.

To these facts, our visitor replied something to the effect of: “I don’t care if the infection fatality rate is 0.00001% – if we can save only a few lives with lockdowns it is still worth it.” Her view of the options that the Government was faced with was completely devoid of any grasp of the reality of tradeoff – in other words, what you gain by choosing one thing, is lost in some measure because you cannot do some other thing at the same time.

Wondering how I could change the thinking of someone hypnotized like this, I formed the idea of the healthcare system as a rescue boat picking up survivors afloat in the sea. In the vast sea of ill-health, hundreds of thousands of people are drifting around – and all need to be rescued.

Picture a vast dark sea at night, with millions of people treading water, waiting to be rescued. The healthcare system moves around, picking people up from this sea. Most of those waiting to be rescued can tread water – for a while. But left to their own devices long enough, they will grow tired and drown.

What has happened over the past 18 months is that the healthcare rescue ship has completely stopped moving, prioritizing and rescuing. Instead, it has become paralyzed at the one spot in this vast sea of misery where the media, controlled by Big Pharma, is shining the light. And as much as those in this Covid-19 spotlight are in need of health, it is a tiny sliver of the total number of people who need urgent care for heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Just like the drunk man searching for his keys in the wrong place simply because there is some light there, the healthcare policy is immobilized at the Covid-19 station because that is where the public’s attention is being incessantly focused by the Trifecta of Big Government, Big Pharma and Big Tech.

Consider, for example the increase in Stage IV cancer patients, causing some hospital units to go into what is described below as a “state of shock”. I happen to be one of those who have been expecting a call for a colonoscopy since March of 2021.

The backlog of patients waiting to receive healthcare in the UK is now several million, and is expected to reach 13 million at some stage. In a system that is chronically underfunded, the spending pattern now looks like this:

And that peak in spending is the price of panic. Was it worth it? Was it the best approach? Time will tell, but I predict that the opinion of Prof Martin Kulldorff of Harvard will prove to the the one that still stands as accurate in a decade from now. He describes the the use of lockdowns as the greatest healthcare blunder of all time.

And, by the way, Prof Kulldorff will probably also prove to be right in the view that data now convincingly shows that Vaccine Passports are not motivated by a rational assessment of the evidence:

One more word about Ivermectin

I wrote in my last post about the misinformation in the NZ legacy media about Ivermectin and its role in treating Covid-19. If you are not convinced and still in doubt about the potential benefits or health hazards (there are almost none) of Ivermectin, then please brew yourself a nice cup of coffee, then sit back and watch this excellent interview with Dr Paul Marik, one of the most cited doctors and academics of all time. (I suggest you watch it soon – it will not be on YouTube for long given that Google is a major investor in Big Pharma).

In this video interview, Dr Marik lays out clearly the way in which the WHO has deliberately subverted the use of Ivermectin for treating Covid, and discusses the excellent safety records of Ivermectin, stating: “it is more safe than aspirin.”

This leaves any rational person to ask why governments are not utilizing this harmless and potentially life-saving medicine. Even as a marginally effective treatment – why not use it? Could it be that their contracts with Pfizer & Co includes a clause specifying that governments will have to suppress the use of alternative treatments to force mass uptake of the patented experimental mRNA treatment?

You are not alone!

Our problem is that we feel alone and a little crazy. We need to understand that we are NOT alone. We should do our duty as citizens and speak out. A monocultural view on healthcare, lead by Big Pharma will be disastrous to our children’s futures.

If you are feeling disoriented and confused by the onslaught of mainstream media messages that just do not accord with common sense, then consider watching this excellent 21 minute creative video explaining the process of mass psychosis, or how an entire population becomes mentally ill.

If you are just starting to suspect something is off in your governments response to Covid-19, and in their insistence on getting everyone, including children and pregnant women, vaccinated even though it is clearly not a way out of Covid-19, then I urge you to spend a Sunday morning watching this excellent symposium featuring expert scientists, doctors and actuaries. It is not Alex Jones’ type conspiracy talk – just well researched and expertly presented real information. And your mind will open.

Carefully gather your information. Put the pieces together. Take a stand for what you believe in.

There are large groups of scientists, doctors and normal people who have retained critical thinking skills who question what is happening. We can and should take legal and non-violent action to show our concern and disagreement. If you are feeling alone and outnumbered, please take a look at the work of these groups:

  • Covid Medical Network – a group of senior medical doctors and health professionals concerned about lockdowns and the lack of safety research on the Covid-19 injections
  • NZ Doctors SOS – a group of New Zealand doctors concerned about the lack of adequate safety research on the Covid-19 injections
  • Doctors for Covid Ethics – a group of distinguished doctors and scientists from 30 countries, seeking to uphold medical ethics, patient safety and human rights in response to COVID-19
  • UKColumn – an independent news site with news about Covid-19 responses and injections. If you are on this site, watch in particular the Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium Videos, especially Session 2it was this session that caused my mind to grasp what is really happening.
  • Voices for Freedom NZ – a gutsy grass roots group that is well organized and active. They are being actively targeted by the government sponsored main stream media and branded as “anti-vax” which they are not – they are simply against the coercion to take an experimental gene therapy and against the increasing grip of a totalitarian government.

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