Why are they doing this?

I still remember, around May 2020, the analyst Ivor Cummins reporting on the statistics of Covid-19 deaths. His data suggested that the Covid-19 Infection Mortality Rate was much lower than initially thought and was in line of the 1968 influenza pandemic which killed more younger people than Covid-19. And yet the lockdown measures and media fearmongering continued. Cummins kept asking in his videos: “why are they doing this?”

And indeed, I have been asking this question myself. The irrational rules, the sudden reversal of views and opinions, the jaw-dropping totalitarian response we see in Australia, the singular focus on a new experimental injection as the one and only solution – all this simply does not fit with rational, measured response to a threat that is relatively small and affects mainly a tiny segment of society. A threat so small in fact that countries such as Norway are now placing the threat of Covid-19 to public health in the same category as that of the seasonal flu.

So here follows my grand conspiracy theory:

The response of most western democratic countries to the Covid-19 pandemic is the effect of historic confluence of four streams of overlapping interests – none of which has anything to do with your health:

  • The Big Mafia: A corrupt and bankrupt financial system in desperate need of a “great reset” to clear the books and start with a new central bank digital currency.
  • The Ideologues: A cluster of globalist, communist-leaning, ideological political leaders and philanthropists who share a vision for centralized control of the planet
  • The Small Mafia: An out-of-control Pharmaceutical industry that has captured financial institutions such as the WHO and the CDC
  • The Mercenaries: Large corporations, mostly Big Tech firms, who see an opportunity to grab a larger market share

At least one of these groups may have been instrumental in creating the Covid-19 virus and turning it into a pandemic. However, representatives from these four groups probably never got in a room together and made a singular plan – unless you call the World Economic Forum at Davos a “room”.

Instead, they feed off the chaos of the current situation to push their own agendas. Where they can, they support each other. For example, Facebook fact checkers on “vaccine misinformation” are employed by FactCheck.org which is funded by a foundation of which 15% of assets are Johnson & Johnson stock, and the CEO of which is a former director of the CDC (a hilarious video on this topic can be found here).

The Small Mafia and Mercenaries are part of history and will always be with us. But most ominous is the Big Mafia and the Ideologues in their combined power provided through (a) the fear of Covid-19 that paralyses society and cause people to surrender critical thinking; and (b) the new technologies, willingly provided by the Big Tech mercenaries, that allow global surveillance and tracking of public movement.

The ideologues include people such as Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, Dan Andrews and Jacinda Ardern. Together with the world financial Mafia and philanthropists such as Bill Gates and George Soros, their key medium term objective is to make it possible to electronically identify all humans, and then institute a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

This will lead to a single, global, electronic currency that can be fully controlled by a central global government. They will then be able to use surveillance to control how, when and – most importantly, IF you get to spend your own money. And vaccine passports that allow unique digital identification of each person on earth is a vital element of achieving a CBDC.

Sounds like crazy conspiracy theory? Then take a look at this announcement on April 2021, in which the the Bank of England and UK Treasury announce the joint creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Taskforce to coordinate the exploration of a potential UK CBDC. One of the tasks of this Task Force is to guide “evaluation of the design features a CBDC must display to achieve our goals.” (my emphasis).

Still think it is just conspiracy theory? Take a look at this clear breakdown of how the Gates foundation is steering entire nations in the direction of CBDC. The New Zealand government is putting out feelers in this direction too. Have a look at this document. Note that in it they are asking, right in this time of lockdown and Covid-19 panic induced by them, for the public to read and respond to this complex issue by 6 December 2021:

We want your views on how we propose to explore whether a CBDC is right for Aotearoa [i.e., New Zealand]. You can both read and give your feedback online for this issues paper by 10am, Monday, 6 December 2021.

Reserve Bank of New Zealand (“The future of money“)

An electronic wallet that uniquely identifies each individual is the cornerstone of a CBDC. But how to force everyone to get one and adopt the CBDC? Vaccine passports are a step in that direction.

That is the only reason I can see for governments persisting in getting everyone injected with an experimental treatment that – for a disease with a 99% plus survivability – does not stop transmission, and is only moderately (that is, as low as 39%) effective in protecting you from getting sick from Covid-19. A more nefarious reason may be to destroy, or limit the size of, a control group that will prove the true long term efficacy/risk of the mRNA treatments – but let us put that dark possibility aside for now.

This is a complex topic, and it is easy to see why most of the public will never take an interest in this until they are informed via their new electronic wallet cum passport that their available funds will expire by the end of the week unless they spend it on X, Y or Z. Or if they are informed they have exceeded their weekly quota of meat, and can now only purchase plant foods until date X. Or that they are not allowed to purchase train tickets because they expressed “political hate speech” on social media.

If you are interested to explore this theme and find out if it is a crazy conspiracy theory or not, then you have to spend some time to investigate the details. It can be intimidating, but you owe it to yourself and your children. Below are some video sources to explore:

  1. A short video discussing the type of information your innocent vaccine passport will collect if you get the “UK variant”.
  2. An inspiring, well presented video on how the pandemic is used as cover by globalists and ideologues. This is in German with subtitles but it is well worth watching. The last 10 minutes gave me goose-bumps.
  3. A fascinating, well-researched discussion of how various interests combined over the years to plan and orchestrate pandemics in order to change and control society.
  4. A symposium featuring world renowned economists and commentators, discussing how the pandemic is being used as a cover for a “great economic reset”. This is something to binge on when you have more time – listen carefully and take notes! Watch the first 20 minutes only and see if you get hooked to watch more, like I did.
  5. Excerpts from a book by a world-renowned psychiatrist discussing the concept of evil in the light of Covid-19. Note: I do not vouch for the accuracy of the statements he makes, but the discussions about evil from a psychiatric perspective are certainly worthwhile considering.

Please share my blog as widely as you feel comfortable to do. I do not want to sound alarmist, as is the habit of the mainstream media, but I really do believe we are in a battle in which technocrats and political ideologues are attempting to force a centralized, dehumanized and atheist-scientific-materialist way of life on us.

Remember – if you are giving in to two vaccines, you also accept regular boosters for as long as “they” deem it necessary. You become the cow they can milk every month or two. Think! Fight back!

You are not alone!

Our problem is that we feel alone and a little crazy. We need to understand that we are NOT alone. We should do our duty as citizens and speak out. A monocultural view on healthcare, lead by Big Pharma will be disastrous to our children’s futures.

If you are feeling disoriented and confused by the onslaught of mainstream media messages that just do not accord with common sense, then consider watching this excellent 21 minute creative video explaining the process of mass psychosis, or how an entire population becomes mentally ill.

If you are just starting to suspect something is off in your governments response to Covid-19, and in their insistence on getting everyone, including children and pregnant women, vaccinated even though it is clearly not a way out of Covid-19, then I urge you to spend a Sunday morning watching this excellent symposium featuring expert scientists, doctors and actuaries. It is not Alex Jones’ type conspiracy talk – just well researched and expertly presented real information. And your mind will open.

Carefully gather your information. Put the pieces together. Take a stand for what you believe in.

There are large groups of scientists, doctors and normal people who have retained critical thinking skills who question what is happening. We can and should take legal and non-violent action to show our concern and disagreement. If you are feeling alone and outnumbered, please take a look at the work of these groups:

  • Covid Plan B – academics and scientists who present a rational, scientific alternative to lockdowns and provide well-credentialed evidence that the mRNA injections may do more harm than good.
  • Covid Medical Network – a group of senior medical doctors and health professionals concerned about lockdowns and the lack of safety research on the Covid-19 injections
  • NZ Doctors SOS – a group of New Zealand doctors concerned about the lack of adequate safety research on the Covid-19 injections
  • Doctors for Covid Ethics – a group of distinguished doctors and scientists from 30 countries, seeking to uphold medical ethics, patient safety and human rights in response to COVID-19
  • UKColumn – an independent news site with news about Covid-19 responses and injections. If you are on this site, watch in particular the Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium Videos, especially Session 2it was this session that caused my mind to grasp what is really happening.
  • Voices for Freedom NZ – a gutsy grass roots group that is well organized and active. They are being actively targeted by the government sponsored main stream media and branded as “anti-vax” which they are not – they are simply against the coercion to take an experimental gene therapy and against the increasing grip of a totalitarian government.

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Thanks for visiting my blog. See you on the barricades!