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I recently stumbled on a discussion forum in which someone commented on my earlier post titled “Why are they doing this?” The commenter wrote me off as (paraphrasing) “another Great-Reset conspiracy theorist”. I find it odd that anyone can call an opinion related to the Great Reset a conspiracy theory. It is more accurate to call it a reaction to a globalist policy.

The Great Reset is real – it is a policy for transforming society on a global scale. And Covid-19 is the catalyst-excuse to impose those policies. This is not a question of opinion – the proponents of this agenda wrote a book about it. It is called “Covid-19: The Great Reset”. The words “Covid-19” and “Great Reset” are in the title. Together. You can buy the book and read it without having to access an underground black market.

The only vaguely conspiratorial element of resistance to the Great Reset agenda is the proposition that it is being promoted by elites who will not bear the consequences of its policies. Also, the suggestion that its policies, including regional satellite policies, are being implemented surreptitiously in a time when the public is distracted and when many elections are disrupted or postponed.

Resistance to the Great Reset policies and ideas promulgated by the globalist elites would, in normal times, be seen simply as political debate. Now it is called conspiracy theory.

However, I absolutely grant anyone the right to hold their own opinion about this issue. If you see the government response to Covid-19, a virus with a survival rate of 99%-plus as a rational response centered on your long term health – then you are welcome to that opinion.

But in the hard cold winter that lies ahead, watch out for some signs that maybe you are wrong. Below follows a list of signs to watch out for – in news conferences, mainstream media and government policies.

None of the things on my list below are new. I did not uncover them. I found them in news-columns of independent analysts and news outlets such as Zero-Hedge, UK-Column and on Substack discussions boards. What I am suggesting is that, once you start looking out for these signs, you will see them being steadily amplified in mainstream news media. That is my prediction.

If you are not convinced that something significant is happening to civilization, and to the western democracies in particular, then just watch out for these tell-tale signs that your way of life is slipping into a totalitarian nightmare:

  • In government press conferences and in the mainstream media, watch out for increased use of phrases/words such as “safe”, “protect”, “keeping you safe”, “do the right thing”, “this deadly virus” or “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. These catch-phrases are intended to normalize your thinking to accept their narrative without thinking critically about it – you will hear it more and more. As an example, count the phrases containing variations of the words “safe” and “protect” in this stomach-turning video.
  • Your government is bribing the mainstream media with grants and support funding.
  • Your government is adopting schemes that provide them with centralized control over critical state resources.
  • Your government is implementing vague laws, such as hate speech laws, that are open to their own interpretation. These also fly under the banner of “keeping you safe”.
  • Watch out for encouragements to stop using cash (to “keep you safe”) – this will be presented as a great convenience – a “great new thing” – in news segments proclaiming how it helps the poor.
  • Watch out for increasing use (with a positive spin placed on it) of the term Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). You will start to hear this more and more in the context of a “solution to the problems of our time”. You can find some history on this in this article.
  • Soon it will become obvious that the experimental injections are almost useless. When that happens, watch out for the narrative shifting to “you have to get vaccinated to prevent new variants from occurring” (the opposite is actually true, but it is not easily proven with data, and will remain an open scientific debate for long enough to get more people to get vaccinated).
  • Watch out for a news-inserts discussing how your country’s enemies are now internal rather than external. This will be done under the banner of “domestic terrorism”.
  • Watch out for the catch-phrase “war footing”, as for example in “putting New Zealand on a war footing to deal with Covid”. See this article in The Times for an example.

The last two of these are the most ominous. Both of them basically normalize the idea that it is understandable and acceptable for a government to wage war against a large portion of it’s people (I consider anything above 5% as ‘large’). It also alarms people into believing that those that do not comply are potentially “the enemy”.

Making people get comfortable with the idea that a crisis, whether Covid-19, the changing climate, or political unrest is akin to war gives the government leeway to use the military to combat dissent. Also, they can employ vague hate speech laws to criminalize and control dissent.

Whether you agree or disagree with mandates for the patented experimental mRNA treatments, if the idea that protesting against vaccine mandates equals domestic terrorism (yes, it is real) does not send a slight shiver down your spine, then you do not have any grasp of what history teaches us about the rise of totalitarianism:

If you are interested to know more about this topic, watch the first 20 minutes of this excellent segment in UK Column.

Please share my blog as widely as you feel comfortable to do. I do not want to sound alarmist, as is the habit of the mainstream media, but I really do believe we are in a battle in which technocrats and political ideologues are attempting to force a centralized, dehumanized and atheist-scientific-materialist way of life on us.

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