I, too, do not consent

This post is directed at all citizens of democracies who are having their livelihood threatened by the government’s hurried, irresponsible mass experiment in public health intervention.

Last Thursday, I watched Justin Trudeau’s speech installing vaccine mandates across Canada. The next day I learned that one politician in New Zealand capable of critical thinking was also committed to violate the second last remaining freedom a person can have – the decision about what can and cannot be injected into, and activated inside, their bodies.

It felt to me as if I represented an isolated minority viewpoint; and that the surrender of all western democracies to this un-ethical violation of human rights, which is only the first step toward a grotesque plan of central social control of the globe, was absolutely inevitable. But as I reflected on this, I remembered two people:

The first was Georges Blind. He was a French Resistance fighter during the second world war. Below is a picture of him being subjected to a mock execution in an attempt to make him betray his comrades. It did not work (see this link to learn more about Georges Blind and how mock execution is used as a form of torture).

The second person I remembered was Stefan Zweig, a writer who wrote several great books. Zweig was passionate about freedom and his study of Montaigne concentrated to a large extent on the concept of freedom.

Here is why Zweig is important in the context of the mandated Covid mRNA treatments: Consider what he wrote when he was in the depths of despair as the totalitarian Nazi regime swept across Europe:

How to remain free? How to preserve the incorruptible lucidity of my spirit faced with all the threats and dangers of sectarian turmoil? How to keep humanity intact in the throes of bestiality? How to escape the tyrannical demands that the state and Church seek to impose on me? How to protect that unique part of my soul against enforced submission to rules and measures dictated from outside? How to safeguard the deepest region of my spirit and its matter which belongs to me alone, my body, my health, my thoughts, my feelings, from the danger of being sacrificed to the deranged prejudices of others, to serve interests which are not my own?

Zweig, Stefan. Montaigne (Pushkin Collection) . Pushkin Press. Kindle Edition.

But I am not bringing Zweig to your attention only because of his beautiful writing that remains prescient 80 years later. The reason I bring Zweig to your attention is that, after he fled Austria in 1934 and moved to Brazil in 1941, he committed suicide there in 1942.

Here is why this is important to me: Zweig’s suicide was largely a result of the despair he felt at seeing how the totalitarian Nazi and Japanese armies swept across the world, seemingly without any real resistance. When he heard that Singapore had fallen to the invading Japanese army, he must have thought that now even the great British Empire had capitulated.

But we now know how wrong he was in his assumption. As much as we can imagine his despair, we can also see that he could not foresee that other forces, seemingly dormant, would enter the fray for reasons he could not have foreseen. The minority that believes in the right to decide what can be injected into their body and what not; we who believe that a rushed, experimental approach to global healthcare is not something to be mandated, we have to stick to the faith that somehow the tide will turn towards sanity again.

But believing this when there is only evidence to the contrary is hard. Believing, when you find yourself in such an environment, is an act of choice – just as it is with religious faith. This act of choice has to be made in the sacred privacy of the heart; an act that says: ‘regardless of the consequences, I will stand up for what I believe is right. I do not consent.’

We cannot be certain that our viewpoint will gain broader traction. But perhaps that is not the point. Imagine the doubt that French Resistance fighters must have felt when the Nazis swept into Paris after obliterating the French army in a few short weeks. The “proof” that everything was lost forever was everywhere:

In Paris, I found myself surrounded by Germans; they were all over the place. They played music, and people would go and listen to them! All along the rue de Rivoli, as far as you could see from place de la Concorde, there were ennormous swastika banners five or six floors high. I just thought: ‘This is impossible’. Imagine that someone comes into your home – someone you don’t like – he settles down, gives orders: ‘Here we are, we’re at home now; you must obey.’ To me that was unbearable.

Pearl Witherington Cornioley, Code Name Pauline: Memoirs of a World War II Special Agent

Yet despite this proof, the Resistance stuck to their belief in an enduring France. They were morally and ethically on the right side, and thus they were also on the right side of history.

So it should be with those of us who oppose vaccine mandates. We are not alone. We are merely isolated and uncertain. The very morning after the dark day I described at the start of this post, my wife spoke to a young mother with two children. My wife had no knowledge of this young mother’s view on the experimental mRNA treatments. Yet, out of the blue, as the topic turned to lockdowns, the young lady said that she, her immediate family and her partner were firmly resolved they would never take the experimental injections – even if that meant they were to be forever confined in their home.

And so, all around us, invisible but present, dwell small clusters of people who think and reason like we do; people whose instincts warn them that something about the global response to the Covid Pandemic is not right.

Amongst us, yet invisible, is a growing number of people who see that there are shifts happening in the democratic west that are deeply unsettling, and that we are right to question new rules that suddenly remove all democratic freedoms, right down to the freedom to decide whether or not to take a new experimental medical treatment.

Our response to this should simply be to start speaking out about what we believe to be wrong. We should make it clear that we do not consent, but absolutely refrain from any form of lawlessness and not even hint at violence, for that is exactly what the globalist ideologues are waiting for – an excuse to further remove freedoms under the guise of “keeping us safe” from domestic terrorists. The latter being in this case simply citizens exercising their rapidly eroding rights.

Please share my blog as widely as you feel comfortable to do. I do not want to sound alarmist, as is the habit of the mainstream media, but I really do believe we are in a battle in which technocrats and political ideologues are attempting to force a centralized, dehumanized and atheist-scientific-materialist way of life on us.

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