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Since last Friday, I have been one of the untouchables of New Zealand society because of my refusal to take part in the testing of the new, patented mRNA treatments. As I explained in my last post, the scientific evidence behind this decision by the New Zealand government is completely lacking.

However, despite being qualified to do so, I have decided no longer to invest any energy in analyzing and presenting data as a means to make a case for my resistance to get injected with the experimental treatment. There is now so much evidence that the mRNA injections against Covid-19 are neither safe nor effective and yet no government or three letter agency is taking any notice of it – they plough right over the evidence toward their pre-determined objectives.

This is clearly not about science and facts – it has more to do with ideology or malfeasance. And so, I will henceforth only respond on the level of ideology. So, to the question of “why do you not want to take the experimental injection?”, my response from here onwards will be kept with me on a laminated card (smiley face). And it will read:

My government is creating a situation in which citizens have to disclose their medical information in order to participate in society. Mandating citizens to present a digital identity in order to have access to basic rights and services is moving our society closer to a state in which humans, as free organic beings, are degraded to masses of digital identities without privacy, free speech or the right to take control of their health, and that of their children, in the way they choose. I do not consent to moving my society in this direction. This is not a future I wish for myself or my children, and so I cannot consent to participate in such an undertaking.

I refuse to partake in the mRNA treatment experiment because of the coercive, suppressive and discriminating atmosphere that my government has created. Under such conditions, any rational and responsible citizen has a duty to first investigate and ask questions. Failure to do so is unpatriotic and irrational.

My government, in cooperation with Big Pharma actors, is paying and controlling mainstream media companies to present a single, unchallenged viewpoint on the safety and efficacy of the experimental treatment, and on the handling of the pandemic in general. Citizens, doctors and medical experts with viewpoints opposing that of the government have been censored and have not been allowed to publicly debate with government on any of their decisions. Until my government stops censoring dissenting experts, and while they refuse to publicly debate opposing viewpoints, I will remain vigilant and hesitant, and do not consent to participate.

Above is my current viewpoint condensed for presentation to the opposition. If pressed for time, I will just use the first paragraph in the above statement, for this is the un-arguable and undeniable fact of the situation we are in here in New Zealand.

For those of you who share my views, please take care of your mental health at this time. What does that mean? It means you need to have a strategy – a well formulated mental discipline that guides your habits (both mental and physical) to optimize your body and mind in this challenging time.

The foundation for a good mental strategy is to gird yourself with a firm decision, a type of affirmation, that clearly sets out what your mental attitude will be. For example:

I know that I am on the side of light. While I grant to all my fellow humans the right to decide what to inject into their bodies, those that oppress me do not grant me that right. Awake and aware, I have in clear mind investigated the facts and I now see through their ineptitude, malfeasance and propaganda.

I know that my oppressors will fail in their undertaking. History teaches me that they will fail because their undertaking is built not on reality but on ideology and lies. Like an occupying army that has invaded a peace-loving country, my oppressors will need tremendous resources to constantly keep the truth concealed and obfuscated. This will sap their strength. Like a cancer, their lies will start to devour them from the inside. The protected ring that their media proxies has cast around them will start to crumble as the truth dawns on ordinary citizens.

I recognize that there is a hard time ahead. Staying mentally fit and healthy is my first priority. I am resolved to abide by my viewpoint, but I will reconsider it on a monthly basis to ensure I stay mentally strong and able to provide for my family as the circumstances and the rules imposed by my oppressor changes. I will move in each day through the following waypoints:

– each day I will engage in deep meditation or prayer to nurture the sacred element of my being – that which my oppressors and their machines do not possess. I will ensure that my spiritual practice guides me to be a better version of myself each day for the betterment of mankind. This is my primary duty.

– each day I will reflect on the fact that I am now living in exceptional circumstances; an era in which the future of humanity is being decided. I play a role in this era; I bear certain responsibilities; this is my duty. I will do it with courage and resolve.

– My attention span – my ability to reason, focus and concentrate, is my greatest inheritance and asset. Spending too much time on social media, even watching videos for my cause, puts me in a state of anxious distraction. This is not to my advantage. I will therefore chunk and control how much time I spend on social media, perhaps limiting it to two to four hours per week. The rest of my time I will spend on building my network of allies, engaging with my local community and strengthening my mind.

– Even though my job may be taken away from me, I will continually work to broaden my knowledge and skills. I will ensure that I have more than one skill that people are prepared to pay me for. I know that, in the era that lies ahead, experienced workers and certain skills will be extremely scarce. My oppressors, and those that may now reject me, will need my skills in the near future. I will turn this into an opportunity.

Finally, if you feel a bit low and discouraged, please take the time to read the excellent post by Eugyppius on Substack. It is a long and dense read, but it is chock full of hope and valid reasoning about why our oppressors will not succeed. Here is a teaser to encourage you to read the entire piece:

Many object that our arguments are simply ignored or papered over by regime propaganda, and that nothing we say here gets anywhere. It is also common to hear about the futility of protests… This is the wrong view to take. They have to win every day, and we only have to win a few times. This is the great asymmetry at the heart of all dissident movements, it is why we seem small and powerless and yet they act with such inordinate rage and fear against the points we make.

Eugyppius on Substack (read the full story here)

Finally finally: if you have not already done so, please put this interview into your watch list for your weekly four-hours of earmarked social media time. In this interview, poet Paul Kingsnorth explains why we need to think about the Covid-19 situation as an ideological/spiritual one, and not as a scientific issue.

Please share my blog as widely as you feel comfortable to do. I do not want to sound alarmist, as is the habit of the mainstream media, but I really do believe we are in a battle in which technocrats and political ideologues are attempting to force a centralized, dehumanized and atheist-scientific-materialist way of life on us.

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